DH500 Heavyweight Dexter Maturation Tank


Flextank 500 Gallon Heavyweight Dexter Maturation Tank


500 Gallon (1,900 liters) tank designed specifically for long term storage of wine, cider, mead and other beverages. Tank comes standard with an VF4 bottom flange (10 hole 4" flange fitting - 4" 10 Bolt Fitting, 4" Tri-Clamp, 4"Tri-Clamp Gasket, 4" Tri-Clamp Blank), a RP2VF St Pat (2'' Tri-Clamp Racking Flange Mount Racking Port Kit), SV1T (SV1T Tassilini Sample Valve) and FL2 (Fermentation Lock).

At 93" tall and at 42" in diameter, the tank has the correct aspect ratio and our Dexter lid system which purges all of the 02 from the tank when topped off.

Pair this with our P48 reinforced pallet to protect the tank long term. (Adds 6" to height of tank)

Diam.: 42inches
Height: 96 inches
Weight: 140 lbs