Gemini Natural White


CATALOG NUMBER: GNW120 priCE: $595.00

French design meets American engineering with modern technology and real world functionality in our new Gemini Tank Line! Polyethylene food-grade material with wine making oxygen permeability characteristics (eqivalent to a two year barrel)

Flextank’s new Gemini tank has been designed as an elegant and practical alternative to the traditional oak barrel for wine aging. The Gemini has a shape that owes something to both the traditional barrel and the more recent “egg” shaped tanks. Capacity wise it is equivalent to two barrels (120 gallons or 450 liters). The principal design feature of the Gemini is a clamp closure at the “Equator” of the tank that allows it to be broken down into two halves giving significant functional advantages.

Lower transport and storage costs as the halves nest together.

Easy access for cleaning.

Simplified “racking”. Siphon or pump out wine to below the clamp.

Release the clamp and remove the top half of the vessel. Continue withdrawing the wine until the sediment is reached with good visualization.

Improved functionality compared with barrels without additional hardware costs- no valves required to mimic how oak barrels are used.

Add oak adjuncts, if required, before assembling tank halves.

Gemini uses Flextank’s well proven oxygen permeation technology in an elegant format.

Use these tanks to add a new talking point to your winery tour or tasting room.

The top of the tank is shaped for complete air drainage so the tanks can be completely filled. A pressure relief valve may be fitted.

Equivalent to 2 barrels or 450 liters

Volume: 120 gallons (450 Liters)

Width at middle: 36 inches (91 Centimeters)

Diam.: 37”
Height: 49”
Weight: 42 lbs